Ecosystem Collapse – Global Mega Trend Part 8

Ecosystems around the world are coming under increasing pressure with significant potential impacts for the global population. These pressures are linked very much to the other global mega trends discussed in this series. Population growth (GMT 1) and urbanisation (GMT 2) first of all are literally increasing the global land area covered by our cities … Continue reading Ecosystem Collapse – Global Mega Trend Part 8


Bringing ‘ghost ponds’ back to life

So often reintroducing species and habitats can result in removal from other locations that may already be under pressure. Or fail to attain the natural biodiversity of a precious environment. This article was a very good summary of one way of resolving these issues:    

What makes a successful Biodiversity Action Plan?

A Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is designed to protect and enhance the biological diversity of an ecosystem. The original driver behind these plans was the 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which has currently been signed by a total of 168 countries. All signatories committed to producing national biodiversity strategies and action plans as the … Continue reading What makes a successful Biodiversity Action Plan?

Biodiversity – why should business care?

Every business is in some way reliant on natural resources, including biodiversity. The diagram below shows the major risk areas, identified in the EMAS Biodiversity Guidelines 2016. All businesses should assess how they can impact on biodiversity and how biodiversity loss can impact upon their business. This blog will briefly outline each of the risk … Continue reading Biodiversity – why should business care?